The site is a portal for announcements for renting real estate on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The site is owned by company Andara Ltd., Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

On the site, individuals and legal entities can only post ads related to long-term (over 30 days) or short-term (overnight) renting of real estate intended for residential use only. On the site can be published: 1) announcements for long-term rental (over 30 days) of dwellings (apartments, houses, rooms and the like) for which a monthly rent is paid; 2) advertise for short-term rental (up to 30 days) for individual and / or group nights of guest rooms, guest houses, apartments, hotels, hostels, tourist sites and the like. On the ads published by Andara Ltd., the photos are marked with a logo of Andara Ltd.

Andra Ltd. is responsible only for the truthfulness and the up-to-dateness of the advertisements published only on behalf of Andara Ltd. The entire responsibility for the faithfulness and timeliness of all other published advertisements lies with the person who publishes them. As a result of the publication, the advertiser declares that the ads or the ad contains no misleading information and that he has read the general terms and conditions for using the site.